Monday, November 8, 2010

Movie Monday

Alright this is another catch up week hopefully by next week I will be able to talk about Red (the newest movie I watched) Sadly only one of these movies was finished the other 2 were DNF and the parts I suffered through were F's! But atlas you can't win them all.

Okay first up is Ethan Hawke's movie Daybreakers. I did enjoy watching this movie it was a nice take on the whole Vampire thing.
Basically most people in the future have decided to become a vampire to live forever and never grow old. Problem: they are running out of blood to survive on. B/c those that decided not to turn are harvest for blood until they run out. Ethan has determined that he doesn't want to be a vampire anymore and in fact never wanted to be but he's in charge of finding out an ulternate blood source. But he hits a snag when he runs into a group of humans who know how to turn a vampire back into a human.
All and all this movie was very interesting and I did enjoy it. I'm not a huge Ethan Hawke fan but hey he does well every once in a blue. If your into semi-scary (not really) vampire movies I highly recommend this. I however, will never need to watch it again which is why I only give it a
Grade of: C

Next up was The Book of Eli and it might just be that I'm burned out on the end of the world type movies but I just could not get through this movie to save my ever loving life. In fact I doubt I even got to the half way point and maybe I should've b/c everyone at works swears this is the movie to watch that it was one of Denzel's greatest.
And yet it did absolutely nothing for me. I had no desire what's so ever to watch it any further or to learn about it. It didn't make me even want to learn what the hell the book of Eli was b/c let's face it I just didn't give a crap.
Grade: DNF

Lastly I attempted to watch the Girl with the Dragon Tat. Mainly b/c everyone is reading the book here at work and I thought well maybe I should watch the movie firs then go from there.
Well that turned out to be a HUGE mistake the sad part I thought the movie was good right up to a very Graphic RAPE scene. Man I hate that. I didn't have a clue that even happened in the book let alone that it would be so graphic in the film. But there it was. Did it benifit the plot NOPE there was absolutlely no reason to have it in either that I can tell. Needless to say I had to stop after that scrub my eyes out and pray that nightmare didn't come haunt me later in the night.
So had that scene been missing I think this movie would've been one of my favorites as it stands its a DNF. Oh and PS this is the Sweedish version maybe the American verison will be less graphic but I will wait for reviews before diving in to that one.
Final Grade: DNF

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