Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie Monday

Whew can you say BEHIND!!! Good Lord and the sad part this week's movie is the latest one I've watched so next week will be a massive collection of CATCH UP. Mainly b/c I plan to watch RED this weekend with my momma!

Okay so my mom had a birthday back in September and SWORE she didn't want to do anything for it. So I asked her to go to the movies with me. And she said OKAY. The first movie we went to was Expendables. The only reason we even went to this one was due to her "I want to see the movie with the OLD ONES in it." I'm like Mom what are you talking about what old ones? She said, "you know the old action guys like Bruce Willis and stuff." I said okay and we found Expendables turns out she meant RED. LOL. Anyway so we watched it. I actually didn't think it was all that bad.

If you're into shoot up and kill them while making a lot of things go up in a ball of fire then this is the movie for you. The thing I really enjoyed about this movie was the humor. And yes the lines were cheesey the writing wasn't the best but my God at times I couldn't stop laughing. And after all isn't that what its about about when watching old people try to relive their glory days LOL.

Well after watching this movie mom asked me which movie I would've picked and I said I wanted to really watch Inception.

Turns out that was the best decision I made b/c mom decided to end her birthday night with this wonderful movie. OMG I can't describe this movie at all its that complex and wonderful.

I know there are people out there who either hated it or loved it I happen to be one of those who ADORED it well mom did too which was great. Its been about a month since we've watched it and we are still talking about it.

This movis is about a man who goes in and steals things through your dreams b/c when your in a dream you never know it isn't real. Take that and amplify it and you truly have a wonderfully written and directed movie.

The cast alone should drive most people insane on how great it was. It had everyone from Leo to Joseph to the girl who played Kitty Pride and Juno. To well here's an official list:

Of them all I loved Leo's character and Joseph's character those two were excellent together and I hope they do another role together. As always I love Ellen Page she is an excellent actress who is really starting to come into her prime.

Anyway although the movie is complicated and some hate it while others love it I truly think this is a movie you should for sure go see!

Alright so for this week I give:
Inception: A rating for sure!!!
Expendables: I give this movie a C rating while enjoyable not a favorite of mine.

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