Monday, July 12, 2010


Sunshine was one of those movies that I just wasn't sure if I would like or not. Turns out I did like it but for different reasons. First and foremost I LOVED the basic plot of the whole movie. In the future our sun will eventually die out. Not good for those people still on Earth.

So what does Earth decide to do but send up a team of professionals to set off a nuclear warhead in hope of restarting the sun. See good plot. It shows how too much time in space is making them all go a little crazy especially when they enter the dead zone. Add to it that it takes YEARS to make this trip which is a lot to ask from just 7 people.
I like that its a tru Sci/Fi film in the sense that they crew is stick in space with limited things to do. They have to produce their own food and of course find ways to make oxygen.

I also love that they showed some of the things that can go wrong and how they would really effect the crew. Like the fact that a fire could destroy the whole mission and in fact it does simply b/c it burns up the oxygen room. So now the crew knows they have no more oxygen and they won't be returning home.
Things go from bad to worse when they discover the first missions ship left with all the crew aboard dead. And now we hae to decided how they died and if they should even stop to see what happened. Only to discover that it was self sabotage. DUM DUM DUM... and here is where it actually gets DUMB

When they make it back they are crew memebers short one by one they all die in a weird fashion. The worst part of the movie is now. Somehow they went all horror filmish on me. It was weird and I won't ruin for you but yeah not my favorite and really I think the movie would've been great without it!

So over all I give the movie a B rating and really the only lesson I learned was not to stare directly at the sun....

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