Monday, July 5, 2010

Prince of Persia

Okay so I went into this movie with some reservations. Mainly b/c I love the game and I wondered how this would translate into a movie. That being said I will make this one comment if you do not own a BIG screen TV (which I don't) or you do not own BLUERAY you may want to check this movie out at the theater. It is definately one for the BIG SCREEN. The special effects are fantastic and I have to say the storyline wasn't all that bad.

There was of course a few moments when I rolled my eyes, there were a few moments when I laughed and there were a few moments when I wanted to scream in fear (snakes that's all I'm saying) but all in all I would suggestion this movie. It is a summer flick, basically the King of Persia finds a street boy and decides to raise him as his son (enter Jake) once grown the King's eldest decides to raid a Holy city. The brothers agree and insanity ensues. Jake runs across a dagger that can reverse time and so there is a race against time to discover who is trying to steal the dagger and why (you will figure it out pretty quickly) and if the dagger should be hidden or not.

There are some good lessons in this movie one being about family while others are just about general character and morals. I did enjoy it and I do recommend it but it wasn't my favorite by far.
Rating: B
Lesson Learned: Don't touch shit that shouldn't be touched unless you want to end up saving the world.
Oh and the good guys always win!

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