Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday 13 - #15

This week we are going to do our 13 favorite fan videos!!!

1. Talk Nerdy to me by K-face Rules

2. Say Something a fanvid of Hanna + Caleb done by SevenSecretDiaries

3. OUAT: Once Upon A Time song is Once Upon a Dream done by UBAmandaFan2

4. OUAT: We All Wore Chains fanvid done by KatrinDepp

5. SUPERNATURAL: Shake it Out fanvid done by:LexiVids

6. Supernatural fanvid: God's Gonna Cut You down by RisenShine22

7. A Hunger Games Video: Light Em up done by Bombonrosa

8. SGA fandom time: A Shep and McKay vid done by sisabet's channel

9. Sherlock fandom has: The Woman that Counted done by Nyah86Production

10. Harry Potter Fandom I give you skyfall done by zenitka96

11. Another Harry Potter fandom vid: This Is War done by Hbprincez

12. Back to the PLL fandom: The Devil Within by B25Revi

13. And last of all another SGA fanvid: Post Blue done by ChaĆ®ne de LaPrincesseNini

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