Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday 13 ~ #14

13 pieces of art that I love with all my heart
1. I own this piece a friend of mine did it and all I can say is wow

 2. I can't find this print anywhere and I want it for my living room
 3. I have no idea why I love this one so much
 4. I always thought this was so pretty
 5. I just love pictures like this

 6. When I saw this one I just knew it was an awesome picture that I will have to own one day

 7. This has always been a favorite of mine

 8. I bought this one to go in my living room since I couldn't find the other one
 9. again with fairies no idea but I like it
 10. Another flower pic that I love and think would be cool in bathroom.
 11. okay no idea why but I love Japanese art

 12.This is just an awesome picture that I think would be wonderful to have in my house

 13. Always been my favorite picture hands down

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