Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorites ~ #9 #PLL edition

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This week we talk about my favorite TV show

Come on was there any doubt that this would be my answer? I mean my gosh you would think I was a teenage girl the way I act when this show comes on.

Got a secret can you keep it? Yeah this is mine I finally gave up trying to pretend and started looking outward for ANYONE to talk to about this show I heart it that much. My friends think I'm crazy, my bestie claims this is why I don't have a man, and my co-workers think its awesome that I love something so stupid (FYI IT'S NOT STUPID ASSBUTTS) anywho I still want to know who the freak is A (and no I don't buy the season  5 answer it doesn't make sense). So there you go. Anyone else like this show?! Anyone wanna be PLL besties?!?! Anyone....

Oh well if you are interested here are my other PLL related post.
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Don't worry all those who love my new background next Friday I will be talking about my love of all things Supernatural!!!

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