Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites ~ #10 #SPN All about #Supernatural

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Yeah baby! So Supernatural is going on it's 10th season and I have to admit I have been with this show since Day freaking 1. I watched it when I was *cough23cough* that's how long I have been a fan of this show.... seriously. 
I have numerous post over this show so I will list them for you to check out at your own pleasure... 
VIDS we have them:
Video 1 by 
TikiTyler9 (Song is Go Back to Sleep)
Video 2 by PinkGl8er2 (Song is Skyfall)
Video 3 by LexiVids  (Song is Shake It Out)
Video 4 by TikiTyler9 (Song is Sooner or Later)
Video 5 by  (Song is Faint)

Episode Reviews got them too:
Season 1
Ep. 1 - Pilot 
Ep. 2 - Wendigo 
Ep. 3 - Dead in the Water
Ep. 4 - Phantom Traveler
Ep. 5 - Bloody Mary
Ep. 6 - Skin
Ep. 7 - Hookman
Ep. 8 - Bugs 
Ep. 9 - Home
Ep. 10 - Asylum 
Ep. 11 - Scarecrow (I will post that review soon)
Ep. 12 - Faith 
I plan to review them all as I re-watch the show

Quick and random thoughts on:
Season 9
Book review 
Book review thoughts 
Trivia round 1
Trivia round 2

There will be more I have just now started to express my obsession with this show out loud. I usually just tweet about it or quietly fangirl out in my own home but now, now with this wonderful blog I plan to flood the internet that is already full of the goodness that I have!

What about you? Do you love the show? Dislike it or what? Are you as obsessed as I am or do you just sort of kind of like it?

And most importantly are you a Sam girl or a Dean girl? Angel Cass or Writer Chuck? LOL enjoy!

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