Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday 13 ~#3

Since my bday is on the 4th of this month I thought boy wouldn't it be fun to list the 13 things I did last year that I never thought I would do in my 32 years on Earth... in order to prepare me for my 33rd bday!

1. Lived in India for 6 months and went to Thailand for 2 weeks
2. Went to a Stargate Convention!
3. Filled out my paperwork for graduation (MAY 2014!!!)
4. Ate food with my hands
5. learned how to wear genie pants whilst on a train and using a squatty potty
6. learned some phrases in another language that I still remember
7. started writing again for fun
8. Read 52 books
9. Started an internship working with woman in need
10. came to terms of who I am and what my value is based on being a creation of God not valued b/c of what I have done or will do.
11. Broke my dang nose
12. started really investing in flat shoes instead of the normal heels that I usually bought
13. visited my family in Washington State that I haven't seen in 8 years.

ADDED BONUS! 13 things I want to do in my 33rd year....
1. GRADUATE with my Master's in Counseling (quickly followed by finding a job in my profession I hope)
2. Go to the final Stargate convention
3. Read all those books that I have been purchasing but never able to read due to school AKA Read 52 books
4. learn to live more off of my computer and more with those around me
5. Play the freaking games I got for Christmas
6. lose 48 pounds throughout the year (4 lbs a month... that's healthy right?)
7. run my first 5k
8. catch up on the shows that I truly want to watch (see list here)
9. Start paying back student loans
10. See Justin Timberlake in concert
11. Finish a novel and submit for publishing
12. Cut soda from my diet... which might tie into number 6
13. Read through the entire Bible in a year ;)

What about you what are your goals for next year? I mean we did just celebrate the New Year do you do resolutions?

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