Saturday, January 11, 2014

Supernatural ~ Faith review #SPN 1:12

Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: Faith

This is the first time we see Dean near death and the lengths that Sam will go to save him. It also shows how much Dean truly wants to believe in the good and God and yet fights it with every fiber of his being. Dean is very jaded and definitely not believing when it comes to the healing even after he is healed. I love how giddy Sam is and how believing that even with all the evil they've seen that there is something out there good and pure. I love seeing the length Sammy goes for his brother and what he will do to save him.

I love that Sam is just thankful and wants to move on and Dean is not happy about it. I do like this episode and I like seeing the brother's relationship as it develops and their love for each other. What I don't like is how they put down faith healing. I get it this is not a show that shines right on Christians in fact this show does everything in it's power to put down anyone who does believe in a high power.

I did like the questions asked of Dean why do you deserve to live more than X,Y, or Z. I also like how Dean re-evaluates his life because of it. I don't appreciate how much guilt Dean lays on Sam. You shouldn't have done that traded my life for another. When in reality Dean does the same thing for Sam or would do for Sam yet Dean hates the guilt of himself being saved b/c he doesn't believe he is worth it. This theme carries on through the 9 seasons and now I realize when it started.

This to me is when we get to see the really dark side of Dean. He's ready to kill any human he thinks is playing God therefore a monster. He doesn't even question kill Roy without proof b/c in his eyes he's wrong. I just wonder when he decided who is a monster and who isn't and when he determined to have the right to kill without proof. As it turns out the lovely twist is Roy isn't the monster. Then it really comes down to do we let good people be healed with immoral people dying or do we just stop the healing of any good and innocent person b/c if we don't then we are a monster?! This is one thing that Supernatural is really good at doing. Making you decide when to cross a line. Would you let the healing continue if you thought good people were being saved? OR should you not let the healing continue b/c no matter what people are dying... makes the grey areas even more so if you ask me.

That being said it is a good spin on a faith and healing. People do like to believe in anything and grasp at straws. This episode wasn't scary so much as something to question your believe or thought process. It will either help you believe in a higher power or let you down and make you question what is happening.

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