Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday 13 #2

So last Thursday I did 13 movies (singles not series) that I couldn't live without or could re-watch a 1,000 times. This week however I think I shall do the movie series I can't live without. Once again no particular order...

1. Harry Potter series (1-7.5) LOL Love this series
2. The Thin Man movies (there are at least 6 I think)
3. Lord of the Rings (all 3 plus 2 Hobbit movies so far)
4. The Hangover series (always makes me laugh)
5. I'm a Resident Evil girl I fully admit it. I watch every single one over and over and even the newest stupidest ones I rush out to see...
6. The Santa Clause movies are my favorite Christmas movies to watch this time of year
7. Shrek (I admit I didn't care for 3 but it is starting to grow on me)
8. The Blade trilogy is a fun one that I like to watch a lot and introduce to new audiences
9. The new Batman trilogy is always a good classic fall back
10. Indiana Jones trilogy (I liked the 4th one until the end)
11. I hated where they went with XMen, but they have recovered with X-men first class
12. I'm a sucker for the Underworld trilogy
13. And of course I can't forget the Star Wars trilogy/6 movies although I prefer the original 3 and that's about it but I still have the whole series.

So how about you? Which series do you like? Did I miss any besides the Hunger Games?

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