Monday, October 14, 2013

OUAT oh my Snow WHITE I can't freaking I just can't

OKAY folks God love Netflix b/c I am officially caught up on this fantastic SHOW!!! Remember my questions from Season 1? Well if not go here...

Now if you haven't seen Season 2 don't read further you have been warned.


I am a HUGE nerd now about this SHOW it freaking rocks my pants off and I admit I am freaking pissed I am caught up. Why? B/c a week between each ep SUCKS!

Alright let me see (My gosh I have no idea even where to start) first and foremost there's a freaking CAPTAIN HOOK on this show that is just sexy as all get out...

Alright now that we have cleared that up Lord seriously I have no idea what else to tell you except. The curse is officially broke and no to answer one of the questions from season 1 they don't just magically get to go back home.

Also apparently if you die in this world you also die in that world. Oh and if you cross the boundary you loose your fairytale memories and only retain your person memories from Storybrooke. Also turns out that Storybrooke was the Ground Hog Day. THEY SERIOUSLY LIVED THE SAME DAMN DAY OVER AND OVER FOR 28 YEARS WTH?!? With only Rump and Queen knowing it. Dang yo. Oh turns out Mad Hatter was also aware of this so I can see where he went a little cray cray. Speaking of here's the Hatter...

Whew as if I needed more of a fan girl craziness over Bucky from Captain America now we gotz him on OUAT!!! *clears throat*

Moving on. So Hatter plays a role by retrieving the apple that put Snow in a sleep then it accidently is given to Henry b/c Emma refuses to believe him so poof Henry is officially gone. By the time Emma believes Henry is in a sleeping spell. Regina is confused Emma now understands and goes to find August who if you remember looks like this...

(NERD MOMENT: not to get nasty or anything but I so would have a love triangle/square with Hook, August, and Hatter and well of course me. MY GOSH so pretty and wow, just wow... nerd moment over)

So he's wood and can't help Emma now everyone has remembered who they are they want to skin Regina alive and OMG I can't even begin we learn that Neil (who was Emma's love) is actually Rump's son. Now I fully admit I saw that one coming so it makes sense that Henry is Rump's grandkid. Alright Gosh seriously so much happens this season Snow and Emma go back to the Enchanted Forrest to discover that Regina's EVIL mother Cora is alive and ruling and wanting to come and see her daughter that spells OH NO. That's how we meet Hook, a giant, learn more about the bean stalks and portals. We learn about Neverland through this season which is key since we are going there for season 3. We also learn about Red and her past as well as the fact that Cinderella is apparently no longer important and we learn that when Storybrooke was made it had 2 peps that didn't belong and well now once back seeking revenge on magic and Regina.

Geez okay so there is tears, angst, heart ache, whump, and OMG moments. Oh did I tell ya Belle is back thanks to Hatter and well she is a weird one first she is Belle then she is Lacey. August gets turned back into a Real Boy at the freaking age of 7 NOOOOOOOO was heard loudly throughout my house. Snow tricks Regina into putting a cursed heart back into her mother which in effect kills her so that vengeance story line goes on and on. We learn that Regina was a pretty cool chick in the beginning and I sadly emphasized way, way too much with her. Not to mention I want her closet both in the real world and fairy land. Let's see... Neil is now in Storybrooke to hang with Henry and brings his shitty girl Tamara who I am hoping against hope dies.

At the end Tamara is bad she is with Owen who was a little boy that Regina tried to keep in Storybrooke after killing his dad. They want to destroy magic and well kidnap Henry and take him to Neverland. Hook decides to help them as they go after him. Gold leaves Belle and realizes that Henry will be the end of him and Neil is shot and sent back to the enchanted forest where he runs into Mulan, Prince Philip and Aurora who is a total wuzzy and I hate which sucks cause she was my favorite princess EVER but whatev. Needless to say they know Neil b/c he talks about Emma who they met when Snow and Emma went back. Weird but there you go. And yes trust when I say I still have questions but seeing how long this post is getting I guess I will save that for another time.

How about you? Did you like Season 2? Did you have questions? What did you think Don't be afraid to share cause I love talking about this show so any and all comments are welcomed. I need someone to nerd out with!


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