Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 2 of Chi Con!

So started the day off with the lovely Torri Higginson


  Then moved on to da boys Alex Zahara and Dan Payne... we got them twice! Plus I had a breakfast with them... no pics, but eh these should make up for it.

After these two lovely men we had the other set of LOVELY boys out to play... Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett!!! Again they would not sit still to save their lives... I swear

I'm not sure what David had said but the above photo is so stinking funny I had to include it.

Awww Kate Hewlett interrupted the show for a hug... how freaking cute!

These two just couldn't stop cracking themselves up. I have so many blurry pictures b/c they were laughing so hard at something the other had said.

Ben Browder was also this day, but alas I took a crap ton of him as well which means that I don't have time to post them all tonight. So part 2 of Day 2 will continue tomorrow.

**Please do not use photos unless you sight me for them. Thank you!**

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