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SPN Wendigo

Alright moving on to Wendigo not one of my favorites at all but *le sigh* they all can't be.
Okay so we ended last episode with Jess' death and Sam ready to go out and kick some ass. (Side rant: They always start out with a previous and now, or a Then and Now segment. Seriously we own the DVD if we don't know what happened before then we are stupid b/c we aren't watching them in order. WHY did you have to include that in the DVD ridiculous) Anywho moving on...
So Sam is madder then hell ready to go and we flash forward to a bunch of men out camping in CO.
Aw to be a man able to just stand and pee anywhere you want without a toilet or toilet paper. *sigh* anyway moving on the one that stepped out to pee is gone with a scream which makes the other idiot go out to see why the first one screamed. He screams and disappears with blood and so the third boy (who I don't think is an idiot stays in his tent and shuts off the light.)

Doesn't matter that he's not an idiot b/c well the creature manages to find him anyway.

Flash forward to Sam at the gravesite talking to Jess' tombstone (side note: how in the hell did they manage to get a grave marker so stinkin quick?) Anyway Sam starts in on his guilt trip on how he shouldn't have left her. He falls to his knees as a hand reaches out of the grave and SNAP Sam wakes up in the car with Dean. Nightmare 1

NERD MOMENT: no worries people the hand coming out of the grave happens a lot on this show sometimes it real other times not so real but it does happen and it manages to scare the shit out of me every time. Yes I scream like a little frighten girl... nerd moment over

The boys are in CO now and using fake names and actually get called out on it this time. Also love how Sam is this walking encyclopedia of random knowledge its very interesting and fun. Anywho they discover that the person missing has a family (sister and brother Dean of course finds sister hawt and see him in Sam in the same boat b/c dad is missing.) So Sam heads to do research and discovers that a man did survive the attack.
Enter Urban Legend so not a fan of this one. Anyway we still don't know what the creature is or why it is doing what it is doing. But we do know it only hunts every 23 years. So next morning Sam and Dean show up to hike with sister and brother in jeans and biker boats.
Enter Roy and a funny tidbit of convo.
Roy: You're rangers?
Dean Winchester: That's right.
Haley Collins: And you're hiking out in biker boots and jeans?
Dean Winchester: Oh sweetheart, I don't do shorts.

*le sigh* I so heart Dean
Cute convo and cut to a creepy, damp, dark place and a nasty ass monster looking like thing. Who is now eating one of the men but no worries it isn't Tommy (AKA missing brother) this show so makes me not a fan of camping.

Alright back to Roy showing up Dean by preventing him from stepping into a bear trap. Right after he says something really smart:
Dean Winchester: So, Roy, you said you've done a little hunting?
Roy: Yeah, more than a little.
Dean Winchester: Uh huh. What kind of furry critters do you hunt?
Roy: Mostly buck, sometimes bear.
Dean Winchester: Tell me, Bambi or Yogi ever hunt you back?
Girl who turns out isn't dumb realizes these men are not Rangers and asked him what the hell is up with that. Dean explains that he figured he'd help b/c he's looking for his dad as well...
Haley Collins: Why didn't you just tell me that from the start?
Dean Winchester: I'm telling you now. Besides, it's probably the most honest I've been with a woman. Ever. Are we okay?
Haley Collins: Yeah, okay.
Dean Winchester: What do you mean I didn't pack provisions? [pulls out a huge bag of M and Ms and starts eating as he walks away]

You know what makes Dean so stinkin' hawt in this one my least favorite episodes is that he sounds like he has a cold which gives him that stuffy sweet sound *sigh*

Anywho they stumble onto the torn up camp site craziness ensues. Discover that it is indeed a Wendigo (don't ask they explain later) how he knew it was that and where exactly it was in the journal without flipping through a lot of pages I shall never understand but hey we only get 45 minutes to show this.
So they start drawing symbols in the ground... Roy laughs and Deans says, "No one likes a skeptic Roy" LOL OMG how friggin true. Rest assured my friends Roy does die later.

PS does it worry anyone else that I'm so freakin okay with people dying as long as its not Jensen?!?!?
Anywho Sam wants revenge while all Dean wants is to help people " think he wants us to pick up where he left off. You know, saving people, hunting things... The family business. " Which they beat us to dead with this line over and over again in the Previous and Before flashbacks on every episode. But then Dean agrees to help Sam find Dad so that he can get his revenge on the thing that killed Jess and they work their selves back to the group.

K so now Roy is dead b/c he's an idiot and a skeptic and Sam keeps a mad/pouting look on his face that he manages to keep all season. But that's not good enough for the brother and sister combo they want to know WHAT THE HELL A WENDIGO is so Supernatural pulls a Criminal Minds move by explaining WTF it is, wants, and is doing. By making the cameras spin around and hit each brother talking, as they finish each other sentences. All that was missing was a profile of the creature... oh wait yeah that's what they were doing psych!


Okay so then the girl has blood dripping on her and this is where we discover Roy's dead body. (seriously what's up with everyone getting blood dripped on them. First mom's blood on Sam, Jess' blood on Sam and now Roy's blood on Haley weird I think Supernatural people like to have dead things hang from above is that suppose to be scarier?)

Alright in the mist of all that confusion Haley and Dean go missing. Sam asked little brother who doesn't say shit through the whole episode and I have to admit if I was filming with those two I would be so tongue tied I wouldn't be able to talk either. Anyway he finds a trail of M&Ms
Sam Winchester: [laughs] It's better than bread crumbs.
Yes let's go into a mine shaft where the flesh eating creature like thing with long sharp claws that might or might not be in oh and did I mention that can't be killed with knives nor guns. Yeah smart geniuses Sam and little brother are. So they fall down a mine shaft and POOF there's Dean and Haley the missing links. Magical isn't it? Anyway Dean's beat to hell and look so is Tommy the only suriving member of his camping trip. Okay so we must get out without the abnormally large and super fast creature discovers we are here.

Ah too late... And can I just take a moment here to point out that both boys look so FREAKIN HAWT with weapons drawn protecting the innocent it's so... what's the word... bass ass yeah that's it with a heart of gold.

*clears throat* I really heart that Dean is always the one who goes towards that bad monster while Sam gets the chance to escape. While Dean edges on the Wendigo "Hey, you want some white meat, bitch? I'm right here! " Then it all comes to a head with lots of running, a fake out and the creature biting the dust by being shot with a flare gun. Fire works!!! YEAH GO TEAM WENCHESTER!

So now we are out of the woods with the ambulance and little brother finally gets to talk and boy does he spin a hell of a tale. While brother is talking to the authorities sister is talking with Dean wanting to know how she can ever pay Dean back (HELLO I KNOW)
Haley Collins: So, really, I don't know how to thank you.
[Dean smirks]
Haley Collins: Must you cheapen the moment?

So they all go to the hospital minus Dean and Sam who decide Dean Winchester: Man, I hate camping. Sam Winchester: Me too.

Okay Grade time:
C = for story line (really didn't care for it)
B = for scary it had some moments where I was like EEK!

Lesson learned: Don't be a skeptic if someone says symbols in the dirt will protect you believe them unless another person in the circle is dragged and killed. Then run and trip the slowest person.

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