Saturday, February 2, 2013

Movie Log

So this idea totally belongs to Wena over at Everyday Wena she has been doing a movie log since 2012 where she keeps a running list of the movies she watched in that year. I thought huh what a great idea so I'm going to keep her tradition alive and keep a list of movies I watched starting this year with a short summary to remind me if I loved or hated them... So sit back and enjoy or ignore either way here's my running list for 2013:

I have to say I was greatly impressed by this movie and shocked that I liked it so much. Ever since I saw the LOTR marathon last year I have been doing nothing but preparing for this movie. I even read the book for Pete's sake. Any who it was still just as hard to keep the dwarfs names straight. It was harder to not boo when the White Wizard made an appearance. They of course took some artistic liberties and added things not in the book, but fit with the trilogy they did. I wasn't upset about anything I do however, think that next time I will do the RUN drinking game. For sure a must see and I even saw it in 3D I only moved once in the theater when I thought the rocks were falling on me. OH speaking of which the Rock Giants were AWESOME! Love that this was included! I don't think you will have to see it in 3D to enjoy it in fact I kind of wish I hadn't and would have stuck with normal.


I saw this when it originally came out last year, but it was on HBO and mom hadn't seen it and well what can I say we got SUCKED in again. I really enjoy this movie even though through most of it I'm teary eyed or cry during most if not the whole darn thing.  I hate when the father dies and I HATE THE WAY THEY TREAT THE APES and I dont' like how smart they were so half of me is rooting for them the other half is going OH GOD would I be smarter then at least one of them? Sheesh either way it is still entertaining.


I know I have already reviewed this movie and told you what I've learned from it. But and hold on cause this may shock some of you but I never owned this movie. So I did the only smart thing a girl could do and bought the extended editions. Of course the day they arrived I had to watch the first one The Fellowship of the Rings to see if I still liked it and you know what I still did. I sat through the whole long movie without a single complaint other than it was 2 discs. Still loved it still highly recommend this trilogy!

A Tinkerbell
B Tinkerbell Lost Treasure
B Tinkerbell and the great Fairy Rescue

I admit it I'm a sucker for Movies and I'm a sucker for Tinkerbell. I know a grown woman shouldn't be but hey what can I say I heart these movies. The first one is great because it shows us how Fairies come to be but specifically how Tinker comes to be. It also shows us to be proud of who you are no matter what others think. LOVE. The second movie focuses on anger and mistakes that Tinkerbell makes and how important friendships are. I have to say didn't like this one as much, but the lessons involved were important. The last one the great rescue was my least favorite and involved a young girl wanting to impress her father so much she does everything she can including flying to stop him from turning in a fairy for research. I do like how Tinkerbell makes a new friend in this one. All in all very cute sweet kid movies that are family oriented.


I have to say LOVED this movie love that it has Tinker as a sister and how that affects and effects the fairy world. It also gives us a glance of the winter fairies which made me question how much do they actually work? I mean it seems to me that the spring, summer and fall fairies are the same fairies all year round and then you get the winter fairies who do what? I have to say it was a cute it also showed what the world woudl be like with two Tinkers yes I said that 2 Tinkerbells. Only one is a frost fairy and one is well a Tinker.
Anywho if you are looking for a great kid movie I HIGHLY suggest this one as well as the first Tinkerbell movie they are easy to sit through and fun to watch without being too much.


Hansel and Gretel doesn't take itself serious and I actually liked it. They drop the F bomb a lot they over simplify things like ugly=evil and what not. They get their butts kicked and it amazes me that they could be "witch hunters" with that much butt kicking. The bro is a diabetic b/c of all the candy the witch forced him to eat when he was young. The plot has no major twist if you can't see what's coming then there's something wrong with you. Otherwise it makes fun of itself and has a good time. Oh and Jeremy Renner is shirtless in it so yeah that's a good enough reason to like it.


The Bourne Legacy was a really good action packed movie. Jeremy Renner did the role of the Bourne movies justice I really enjoyed watching his work. I didn't care for Rachel Weiss which is strange b/c I'm usually a big fan girl over her but she just didn't cut it in this role. I can't wait for the next one and would love to see Bourne and Cross hook up to take down both companies and defend Pam. Oh if you haven't seen the first 3 it isn't necessary to but I would suggest it, the movie based a lot off the past and how Bourne wasn't the only operative.


Hotel Trans was just plain BORING it wasn't funny, it didn't do anything for me in fact I found myself nodding off. The story line is SO stupid daddy vamp doesn't want 118 yr old daughter vamp to EVER leave his safe home b/c her mommy died when so by keeping her trapped in the castle he can protect her.. Really... needless to say unless you really want your kids to question everything you do I probably would pass on this one.


Okay so its a movie about bicyclist in NY and how dangerous their job is. It is over the top and should be stupid but it's Joe come on it freaking JOE! how can you not like this movie. He gets the crap kicked out of him all while riding a bike around NYC. Not much story and the story that it does have was pointless and yeah sure maybe this would happen but who knows and honestly I don't care I just enjoyed the pretty boy riding a bike ;)


Okay I have no idea why everyone keeps putting this movie down or worse telling me they didn't get it. Seriously? it's not that hard the title alone helps explain things. That being said it did have some twists I didn't see coming and I have to say hearing Emily Blunt speak without a British accent was funny cause yeah its just not easy for her. Otherwise I thought Bruce Willis did a good job Joe's in this one as well and he did a fantastic job as always. It was freaky how they made him look like a young Bruce kind of creepy but eh worked for this movie.

It's hard to find English movies here in India, but ever now and again a theater will release one. So I managed to see (and I will add the pictures later when internet is working better)

A Good Day to Die Hard   Honestly I am a Die Hard freak and I LOVE THEM ALL. This was no exception we finally got to see John's son and it took us full circle. I have a feeling they are going to try to continue this line with the son since Bruce is getting kind of old and they made the son out to be just like him. After Bruce is gone from this franchise I will have to pass on it I'm sad to say. It did have the famous line and it managed to go back home to Russia closing the circle with John McCaine. All in all it was a fantastic action movie with just enough cheese to remind me why I heart these movies.

Life of Pi
Man this was one hell of a movie and a MUST see for any and all. I really, really enjoyed every minute of it. And if the exclamation from the Indians around me are anything to go by it apparently represented their culture well. The story takes a fantastic twist and turn and makes you understand why having faith in God is so important. From what I hear it followed the book almost exactly so I went and bought the book. I will report later on if it does or not. Seriously this is one of my top 5 for the year when it comes to movies!!!


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