Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I've learned from LOTR pt. 2

Part 2 from yesterday...

1. This is a continuation from yesterday and it ties into the hope topic that was discussed. The whole movie is about having hope even when all looks lost you can't give up hope. Part of the reason these 9 are fighting is for the hope that there is good out there and they keep fighting for those who are good that cannot fight. They fight for the race of men who are scattered. They fight for the survival of Middle Earth. Most importantly they fight for the belief that their loss, whether it be friend, limb or their own life is the belief that there is good out there and it will win. There are people out there that want to believe in something and this order, these 9 give not only people, dwarfs, elves, hobbits and ents hope, but they are the symbol of never giving up no. The symbol of hope no matter what the odds. And that is after all what we as group of people want isn't it?

2. Another lesson learned was in regards to the past. No matter how silly it sounds, or boring, or just not something you should concern yourself with you have to remember it is important. The past reminds us of how we as a race, ethnicity, creed, or religion have failed before. But most importantly the past shows us how to get back up again and fight to do right this time around.

3. This one is morbid, but bare with me. In the when death comes as it will eventually we are going to be remembered only by those whose lives we touched. Some might get songs and great tales told in their glory but even lore fades. What never fades is what we have done in our lives to help those that needed it the most. That we gave hope to those that didn't have. The choice we make will be remembered it we choice to give hope and fight for good that is what we will remember. If we chose darkness and evil people will remember that. For those around us who we touch whether with good or evil are the ones that will remember us the most.

4. We all have a role to play in this life no matter our size. The most important role in this movie wasn't the great king it was a simple hobbit from the shire who had never seen death or battle. Yet the most important task was left in his hands. The fate of middle earth relied on one little hobbit and his loyal friend. Everyone in this movie had a role that was specific for not only them, but those in their lives that needed them. Each person's role was important no matter how small we might have perceived them or their role it was critical in order to make this movie and story flow. This is true with us in our lives. We all have a role it may appear small to you, but to the rest of us your role might be the major piece that saves us all.

5. This is the last lesson that I will lay out here (even though these movies are chalked full of great ones) I saved this one for last because it is the most important in my mind. The hero of this story wasn't Frodo. Yes he had a long journey that was hard and difficult. Yes he was the only one that could do it. But in the end even our faithful hero failed to complete the task. It took a greedy Gollum to push the ring over with himself not Frodo. No, the real hero of this story is Sam the faithful friend that didn't allow Frodo to go on this dangerous journey alone. The friend who cared for, feed, watched out for, and killed for. The one who continued, even when all looked loss, to speak of hope. And when Frodo couldn't go any further Sam carried him to the end. Never once asking for anything in return. All Sam wanted was a good life to marry Rosie and settle down in the Shire. Instead he was giving the most dangerous and difficult task. And yet he bared that task without a negative word or complaint against those who sent him on this journey. Sam is the true hero and yet no one will remember him. He will fade into the darkness and most when they talk of these movies never bring him up. Yet without him Frodo wouldn't have even made it half way to Mordor.

Remember in life you may not get the credit or recognition that you feel you deserve, but a true hero doesn't ask for the crown or the difficult task. A true hero doesn't ask for anyone to shout his name or tell those around them what they did. A true hero does the task no matter what the cost and shuts his eyes remembering those he loved and did the task for.

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