Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So new TV updates

So apparently I am hooked on this Stupid show like I need more crap to nerd out about... *Sigh* I always find the good shows towards the end of the semester why is that?

Started off with a bang we get a man on a beach being shot to death, two kids making out that find him and a pretty blond in a red dress texting dead man on the beach. And then we go to a flash back... Long story the blond is Emily Thorn (ET) She use to be Amanda whose father was put away for life for a crime he didn't commit. Now ET is obsessed with revenge on all the people who put him away. Starting with another blond named Lydia who happens to be sleeping with 1 of the main people that put ET's father away. L is also friends with Queen Victoria (Queen b/c she is the head lady in the Hampton's which means way too much power, no love from anyone and a bitch) now in this show V finds out that L her BFF is sleeping with her husband and has her dismissed. Now L was married but her husband is divorcing her we don't get to see him til later. So ET is staying in her home. Other side note Amanda had a good friend when she was little a boy Jack and a dog. The boy is grown and still has a dog. There's a side story going on with him and his brother Declan or whatever (so not interested in that storyline) who happens to be in love with V's daughter. Whew oh and dead guy on the beach is V's son Daniel... who apparently ET was at her engagement party and D was suppose to be there with her b/c hey they were going to get married. Now add in Nolan who knows who ET really is and you have a party that was the first show.

Okay so in this ep ET is getting closer to D at a polo match and ends up planning a date. ET's target is a former friend of her father's who testified against him. He's some money goo personish thing. ET's basically takes down his company by acting like an investor and then feeding false information and uses Nolan in the process. Honestly didn't really care for this one at all...

Now this one was REALLY good. Apparently the Senator is getting ready to run for re-election however he happens to be the one who put away ET's father for life. And apparently he knew the truth. So ET (this girl has the patience of a sick revenge person b/c this destruction took A LOT of time to come up with 9 months to be exact) buys the building the Senator's mistress lived in planted cameras and took pics of the two together. Then she kept in contact with said mistress pretending to be the Senator telling her not to get an abortion that He was going to leave his wife for her. Then sent her a red dress and a plane ticket. Now while all that is occurring she is sending clips to the Senator whose aid knows about it, but not his wife. As the time for the election speech comes up his pregnant mistress shows up, he has to step down and ET marks another one off her list. Needless to say in LOVE with this one LOL oh and ET has some serious dedication to the cause. As if that wasn't enough V is trying to figure out who ET is b/c she doesn't trust her. I don't blame her b/c ET can't be trusted but I love that V is determined to figure out just what in the hell ET is up to.

Alright more to come I seriously watched 5 shows one night, but I have projects to complete stay tuned in for another round of REVENGE at some point ;)

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