Monday, December 3, 2012

OCD much

I know we've talked about this before that I have a slight obsessive side to me that's not really all that bad and really can't be Dx (I should know I'm getting my licence in counseling). Anyway I can't stand how random this blog is LOL I know it's stupid, but at the same time pure fact. So in one of my bouts of OMG my life is too hetic and random I need order moments I decided that this blog needs some random order so that if you don't like all the topics you can just come back on the days that you want to... or the subjects that you like

Mondays - Are perfect for a some mini-reviews of comics, graphic novels, games, fan fics I finally managed to read and what not
Tuesdays - T is a good day for TV reviews or posting about TV shows I like
Wednesdays - I think this is a GREAT day to list the items that I want bad either video games, books, DVDs, shows or you know whatever!
Thursdays - Again a T so this would be good for my Chuck rewatch marathon (that is happening for no reason other than I apparently want to fail this semester) and SPN fangirl Squeeing
Fridays - Since this day starts with an F I think this should be our Fanvids/Fanfic days don't you?
Saturday - And since the whole point of the blog was SGA and SG1 this is a perfect day to fangirl out about them or nerd out about the show.
Sunday - S is a good day for a little bit of SOL for ya ;)

Anywho here's what I'm thinking let me know what your thoughts are! Do we need a schedule or are you liking the random - ish of the blog?

Here's the main question will I be able to keep up with this schedule...

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