Monday, December 10, 2012

Lord Of the Rings

With the Hobbit coming out this week I thought Eh why not do a LOTR week thingy that may or may not be a week LOL...

So on Saturday the 8th I for the first time in my life (no lie or exaggeration) have seen these movies all the way through. I either would fast forward thru them or be with friends who talked thru them or just wasn't interested in sitting for 3 hours. But, on Saturday I though OMG I have to do this its a must on movie watch bucket list so I did.

I was very impressed first off the only way to watch these movies is to do what I did. In the theater with someone who loves them so when questions arise (which they will) that person can explain it to you. Plus they can also tell you when a good bathroom run would be because let's face it these movies are long and on Saturday we got the extended versions so they were 4 hours long LOL.

Do I recommend them YES! Am I now a LOTR nerd sort of I still have a WAYS to go before I can feel confident in coming out as a nerd about these movies. But, I did enjoy them and this week I plan to tell you what I learned from them, who my favorite characters are, and of course tell you what I thought of the Hobbit when I read it earlier this month. Please feel free to nerd out with me if you loves these books, movies or just the concept in general! I would love to hear what you think of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.
Oh and because I'm not a nerd yet... I do tend to reference this site A LOT it apparently is my Go To when I have a question.

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