Friday, November 16, 2012

Fan fic pt. 3

Okay so I posted Fan Fic part 1 here, and part 2 can be found here, on these list I took suggestions from the love Tammy AKA @taris_eirien on Twitter who has been recommending a suggested story a day based on a letter. Part one had to J. Part two had to Q so... obviously that means today will have
the rest ;)

R: Rattled by Kristen999
S: Squaring the Circle by Stealth Dragon
T: They That Walk Beside by Kodiak Bear Country
U: Unbreakable Bonds by SGAFan
V: Valence Effects by Kristen999
W: Worse Case Scenario by NotTasha
X: Exterminate them all by Kodiak Bear Country
Y: You Go We Go by Kristen999

Please keep in mind I have not read any of these unless otherwise noted so if you don't like them I don't know what to tell ya. So far I trust @taris_eirien b/c of the ones I have read have been wonderful.

And if you have any additional suggestions I am always open to them.

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