Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dragon Age

Alright so I moved the Xbox up to the room earlier tonight (If you follow me on twitter you already know this) and to celebrate I started a new game player/game on Dragon Age. This time I am a Danish Elf Rogue with mad stealth and dual weapons. Here I For the few who don't know I am usually a mage (no idea why it is just who I am) so for me to go out and do the warrior thing with weapons was new for me. I am ALWAYS an elf I have no idea why I pick that race over all the other options but eh I do. Next time if I ever start another new game...

NERD MOMENT: so I have in fact never finished this game EVER. I always get to the point where we go out to the different cities to UNITE the peps or whatever it is we are trying to do there and yet I never finish?!?! What the frack seriously it's like I give up after the first city and cry TOO HARD and move on. But not this time my friend (I hope) not this time... nerd moment/confession over

I shall be a dwarf or a human but more than likely I will be a dwarf. Okay that is all for now. Oh wait I did start the game my character is a red headed elf who is just now going to light the tower or whatever that quest is if I could find the damn tower. Its been so long since I've played this I find it hard to remember the tricks. Plus I'm a rogue so that doesn't help last time I froze people and whatnot... oh well. Wish me luck.

NERD QUESTION: Do you play dragon age? If so what character are you? How did you get pass the first city/town?

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