Tuesday, September 11, 2012

6 Bullets Mini Review

For those of you who missed it I did a #6bulletslivetweet on 9/11/12 as I watched the movie live… ignore that statement and let’s move on to the review. Please read at your own risk. I am pretty sure there are no spoilers but just in case don't get mad I did try to keep it spoiler free for everyone but, if one slipped in I'm sorry.
I love the fact that this movie sheds light onto the REALissue of human trafficking and how dangerous it is for anyone.
I like how they show the girls and how expendable they are in this business. I think in America we have our eyes shut to what these girls go through.
I also appreciated the fact that they showed when “cowboys” go rushing in to save a girl or boy what risk they pose to the other children and women trapped there. It also showed that when a raid occurs that the girls may not make it out alive. This is happening people and not everyone survives. So showing it in a way that drives the point home was handled very nicely.
Also I love how they showed the police as someone who wants to help but, can’t due to hands being tied, bribed officials, and rats in the department.
I LOVED JCVD he was absolutely amazing but then again I have always loved him. His action scenes were believable, fast moving, and well shit looked like something I could do with years of training. He did only do 1 or 2 (tops) kicks which was sad b/c that was what he is known for. Also they did have him shirtless and well he’s not bad looking just you know old.
It was sad to see him in readers though b/c that means that I am getting old (CRAP)
Now the young JCVD (AKA his son in real life) that is a pretty man… just saying. This has nothing to do with this review I just wanted to add that tidbit. Oh and his acting wasn’t bad he really didn’t have any action scenes kind of just one where he shot a guy but, that was about it.
Didn’t like
I didn’t like how they betrayed Joe. And yes that wasn’t a grammar error they betrayed my vision of Joe by making him appear weak and well not what I expected. When one watches Joe in pretty much everything else *coughSGAcough* one thinks of Joe as a bad ass take no prisoners kind of guy. He is a Lt. Col. for freak sakes. He knows how to hold a weapon and fire it. Shit he could plan an assault and he took out all of the Genii when they attacked Atlantis. SO why the FRAK is he a MMA fighter that has never held a gun whose woman shows him up in this movie? I don’t understand it? If you don’t know how to hold a pistol then how can you hold a semi-auto and fire it just fine (B/C YOUR JOHN FREAKING SHEPPERD act like it) Now that I’ve said all that this is not a reflection on Joe he is the SOLE reason I bought and watched this film. I think he is a fantastic actor I LOVE HIM I just think the writers were crap on this movie and made him a minor character b/c this movie was for JCVD’s big return after all. And no one can upstage the might JCVD which Joe would have if he had the chance.
Okay I’m done with my preaching on Joe
Other things I didn’t like were the wife and daughter acting. It felt at times the wife was overkill to turn around and be under kill. First she was like my poor baby slap JCVD for letting her go then she was like grabbing a guy by the balls to find her and willing to trade another girl for her… Again it’s a writing issue. As far as the daughter I’m going with she is young and the writers didn’t really care about her. But, man she wasn’t nearly as believable at being scared as the girl in Taken was. I just wanted to throw that side note out there.
Final Thoughts
All in all not a bad movie… would I recommend it? Sure it has great action lots of blowing things up, shooting people, stabbing them and of course we have blood and JCVD kicking butt. It has a decent plot and an important one showing more the family and girls’ side of being taken. I think it looked at taken and thought how can I show the other side b/c I saw a lot of things that Taken did better but, then again this time I felt for the girls that had been captured and were stuck in this industry. I would’ve like more action from Joe but I recognize that he was just a father who lost his daughter he didn’t have a special skill set like the dad in taken did hence why he had to use the butcher to help him. Needless to say I hope it opens people’s eyes to the issue of human trafficking out there and makes them more aware of the seriousness of this horrible crime.
Final grade B

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