Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Think Positive

Think Positive... this is something that I seriously struggle with. I shouldn't struggle with this b/c let's face it my life is good. Or at least its good enough I can't complain for any reason but for some reason recently I have been in a negative nancy mood.
Yesterday my car wouldn't start, I had to walk a mile to the car due to all the snow, I have a sinus infection, I missed a meeting, found out my DL was expired and had been for awhile, I left my work badge at home and couldn't get in any doors at work, and I had no money for lunch.
Today I swore it would be better but on my way to the DL office I forgot the paperwork to change my addy, drove up the snow packed driveway only to hit my side mirror knocking it off the car, couldn't find DL building and wore jeans with a hole in them so my leg was frozen. Plus when I got to work I had to explain why I was in a foul mood....

And all my friend could say was:  it could be worse you need to think positive
She swears that if I were to sit down and write out 5 positive things a day I would start to think in a more positive manner. So we shall see and it seems like a good idea.

Today's 5 positive thoughts:
1. My car does work
2. My mother loves me even when I act like a jerk
3. I had the money to pay for my DL and I even have enough to fix the car
4. I have health insurance so I was able to get in to the doctor and to pay for my prescription
5. I have friends to talk to when things are going bad who help me get out of my funk

So there is today's list

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