Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Bday DVDs

You guys should know by now how much I LOVE my shows. Seriously its rather sad. Anywho my mother also knows how much I LOVE my shows so she actually did some research to see what DVDs I would need to complete collections. (It helps that I now live at home) anywho this is what I got!

 On of my favorite movies this year that while a kiddy movie I still loved. Oh and mom just sat down and watched it she LOVED it too!!
 That's right baby I got the A TEAM in blue ray !!!! Yes I've already watched it BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

And for some reason I never owned any of the Toy Story movies so mom got me this one.

 Finally I have the whole first season and don't have to wait for netflix to instant it. I can finally re-watch at my own pace.

 Yeah just in time for season 5 my favorite serial killa

 Something about HIMYM just does it for me. I love the humor and one liners, love the music, and the interaction with the cast. A couple of my friends are sick of this show b/c we haven't met the mother yet and we're on season 6 but I don't care if we ever do b/c I just love this show!

This one mom bought for her but I got her hooked on it. Plus it has Capt. Mel Reynolds in how could I not love this show!!!

Now all I need is:
Gossip Girls Seasons 1-current
Eureka Season 4.0
Supernatural current season
Psych Season 6 (just wrapped up)
Hawaii 5-O current season
White Collar season 1 and 2
The Unit seasons 1-4
Gilmore Girls seasons 1-7
Lie to Me Season 1-current

yeah I keep Hollywood in business. I know it. What about you? What is your favorite shows? Any new suggestions?

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