Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am a Nerd ~ #2

So I am a Marvel girl at heart y'all. I full admit that me and Marvel go way back. In fact I will watch a Marvel movie over a DC movie any day (send hate mail to twitter please). Now that we have cleaned the air about that I fully admit I am UBER stoked about some new shows coming out next year and they shockingly enough are DC in nature...

First off Arrow is the one show that I have promised myself to catch up on before season 3 (don't cast stones you try graduating from Grad school and still being able to watch all the "it" shows) So Arrow is mighty high on my catch up list.

So I became doubly excited when I heard they were doing a spin off show of Arrow featuring none other than the FLASH!!!!

Then as if that wasn't freaking cool enough in it's own right NBC has decided to pick up the one DC graphic novel I read... wait for it....
CONSTANTINE AKA HELLBLAZER... hold the damn phone y'all I'm in freaking heaven!!! Which is ironic b/c Constantine is actually in hell sort of. It's complicated. 

Anyway I am very very very excited about this fall and what awesomeness lies ahead in TV watching (especially since I will have more time to watch)

What about you? Any new fall TV shows I should keep my eye out for? OR better any summer ones?

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