Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favorites ~ #7

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Oh where to start. Ever since 2011 I have to admit that I have become a Com nerd... in a way. For all my con kind of things and experiences and adventures go here. I am a bit behind b/c I have to add the Wizard Con from St. Louis I plan to fully go into this with pictures and scans as soon as I can.

However, it was a blast met some of the people that I desperately wanted to meet especially cast from Firefly!!!

And to add to all that excitement I have the wonderful opportunity to go to Chicago this year for the final Stargate Convention so while it will be UBER exciting I will also be super sad. With this one gone I will have to find out other conventions to attend. Although I was so impressed with Wizard World that I might start going to the Chicago version next year or Dragon Con?! Either could be very interesting.

How about you? Anything you do like this that makes you a nerd? Do you attend any cons? If so which ones?

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