Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Book Blogging Mini Challenge #4

Day 4 – Love-triangles. The Ones that worked for you, The ones that didn’t.

VERY VERY RARELY does any love triangle work for me. I mean very very rarely. One I think they are over used. Two the guy that I think should be the one the girl picks never is. Three due to my genre of choice if there is a love triangle someone is going to die b/c I read fantasy/sci-fiction. 

Now the one that did work for me and I enjoyed and thought was believable was...

Cynthia Hand's Unearthly trilogy - she did it well and I enjoyed it even though I didn't like who she picked in the end to wrap it up it still made sense. 

the only other one that made sense to me was...

The Hunger Games trilogy I know why Katniss struggled with this choice both were good for her, both matched her personality and if the hunger games had never happened the ending would've been different (course there wouldn't have been a book) 
I think Katniss would've picked Gayle had the games not happened but b/c of the games picked Peeta and it was a good pick for her.

The last one that wasn't really a triangle to most but I think should've been was

Harry Potter between HP, Hermione and Ron I know that wasn't how it worked out and no I'm not upset that Hermione and Ron ended up together even though JK is saying that's not how she would do it now. But honestly I think there was a little bit of sparks there between HP and Hermione... just sayin

How about you do you love 'em hate 'em could care less? What's your favorite or least favorite triangle?

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