Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday 13 ~ #9 #Coffee #tgfcoffee

So here is 13 reason one should drink coffee (b/c I need a permanent IV attached to my arm oh wait I do it's called a coffee mug)

1. The flavor COME ON there are so many different kinds to pick from?!
2. Add in creamer (which totally makes or breaks your coffee) and who needs flavor coffee with so many different creamers out there...
3. It's warm and with 0 to -0 degree weather (which I didn't even know you could have that kind of temperature) who doesn't want something warm
4. Let us not forget the pick me up it gives to your day
5. the smell OMG the smell is heaven on Earth
6. The warm fuzzy feelings you get after 4 or 5 cups (okay okay I admit that might be the slow death by caffeine feeling I am experiencing)
7. It always goes well with any breakfast food
8. It is something you can bond over with total strangers usually
9. This wonderful place called Starbucks and other local establishments that sell nothing but different kinds of coffee, hot or cold, plus pastries as far as your eyes can see... I'll leave you to discover it all on your own
10. The way it bonds the hipster, hippy, yuppy, broke, student, professional person together everyone just gets along better in coffee shops
11. Free Wi-fi at most coffee locations b/c let's face it if you are meeting in a coffee shop you more than likely have your laptop.
12. The time that comes with coffee. I mean it only stays warm for so long so you tend to sip it and savor it until it turns cold then you re-heat, re-heat and re-heat or throw away
13. It's the only way I can wake up in the morning...

How about you love it or hate it? Can't live with out it? What's your favorite flavor? 

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