Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Book Blogging Mini Challenge #1

Day 1 – Let us have it. Your Book Boyfriend List.  (And I mean all of them!)

OMG this is hard and yet fun... Man no judging here people this is a safe environment remember?

1. Harry Dresden (from the Harry Dresden files of Jim Butcher) normally not my type, but my gosh I just heart him.
2. Sebastian St. Vincent in The Devil in Winter (a wallflower book) by Lisa Kleypas
3. Peeta Mellark (I admit it HUGE fan of his always was though)
4. Clay Bennet (the psi/Changling series by Nalini Singh)
5. Derek Crave from Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
6. Zarek of Moesia from Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon
7. Cam Rohan from a lot of the Wallflower books by Lisa Kleypas (but gets his own book Mine Til Midnight)
8. Sterling "Harvard" Chase from Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian
9. Jonas Wyatt (Breed Series by Lora Leigh)
10.Drake the wyvern of the green dragons from the Aisling Grey series by Katie MacAlister
11. Dean Winchester from the Supernatural series (WHAT?!?! it is a book series too!)
12. Caleb from PPL series (which I am hoping he is in the damn book series) by Sara Shepard
13. John Sheperd from the Stargate series (book and television atlantis if you must know)
14. And if we can count the Stargate series Daniel Jackson ....

and back to books
15. Evan Walker from The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
16. All the men in the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
17. Connor Brangian from Connor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke
18. Simon Basset from The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (I have a thing for a man with a stutter. don't ask)
19. Ian Mackenzie from The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley (again a thing I just love him)
20. Alex Montgomery in Annie's Song (SERIOUSLY GO AND READ THIS ONE! The heroine is deaf and mute and is raped by Alex's brother so he takes her in and by God the way they grow to follow in love is just so freaking bitter sweet My gosh rip my heart out love me some Alex) oh sorry the author is Catherine Anderson

And seriously that is way more than enough starting to make me look bad...

How about you?

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