Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday 13 #5

So this week I thought I would share with you 13 websites I just can't go a full week without hoping on and catching up! And please by all means add to my addiction by showing me new sites I relish the challenge of having no life ;)

These are in no particular order
1. (I mean obviously)
2. (again duh)
3. (if you can't tell by BB&B memes I am slightly addicted to amazon)
4. (I read a lot)
5. (I am also slightly addicted to OUAT)
6. (and what can I saw I love me some comics)
7. (one of my favorite blogs)
8. good to have)
9. (and well come on you can figure this one out)
10. (a good overall website)
12. (because I love buying hard to find things.
13. (I am after all a nerd first and foremost! and this show is what started it all for me ;) so there you go)

How about you? What sites do you find yourself going to time and time again?

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