Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Movie of the Week!

This week I pick The Hobbit 2: The desolation of Smaug. Personally I had some issues with this. And I don't particularly want to ruin it for anyone so if you don't want to hear my issues then please don't read further. If however, you do look below the picture of the beautiful Lee Pace! You can see more beautiful pictures of this man here

Okay you have been warned of the rant to follow

Things that didn't work in this movie:
1) I don't care that an added character was made. I get it you want to appeal to women and not have the whole there are no women theory blow up in your face. (In response to that many women have read these books and loved them so they wouldn't have been concerned about no women cause HELLO we already knew there wasn't). But, I get it you wanted to appeal to a new generation that wants equal rights. So whatever! The part of this whole issue that bothered me was SERIOUSLY the love FREAKING LOVE STORY?!?! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME. Come on give women in general more credit we didn't need another freaking love story. GET OVER IT and that was not believable at all.
2) Can you please for the love of all follow the book a little bit better?
3) WHY THE HELL IS THIS MOVIE 3 MOVIES?! It is the smallest book and Lord help me it didn't need to be 3 freaking hours!
4) if you are going to try to tie in the first 3 movies to this one with the whole evil part TIE IT IN BETTER. It doesn't even make sense that Gandalf new that the enemy was back then was all of the sudden magically shocked that he had mounted forces in LOTRs? Come on how did he get his ass handed to him in this movie and then was like "Oh no an enemy has returned and we are not prepared?" If you got your ass handed to you in the hobbit you would be freaking prepared.
5) And really bring in back Legolas what is the point of that? Don't get me wrong it is lovely seeing him and I admit he was my favorite but he didn't need to be in this one. Plus he is now fatter and older then the first 3 movies which proves that what Elves age backwards? Cause the Hobbit is the first of the books People?!

Now the things I like (yes I know that you didn't expect this)
1) It was a good story if you could over look a lot of things and remember that this is merely for entertainment purposes.
2) The scenery is beautiful (it always is)
4) that is all

Did you enjoy the movie? Did you have issues? Was I being over critical or did you find some of the same issues.

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