Monday, December 17, 2012

Tink The Guild review

So this one paints Tink in a very negative way. I mean we all know she is the mean one, she uses people to her gain and she is just don't give a crap kind of person. This comic however, makes her look really bad! She is just evil in it. First off she pours coffee on the guy at the coffee shop b/c he knew her order (YOU GO IN EVERYDAY)

Nerd Moment: My Starbucks does the same thing especially the one right by the campus cause I'm there like everyday and order the same damn thing every time. I usually have to call to warn them that I'm changing my order otherwise its waiting for me by the time I pull in. Sad but still wouldn't change it. Nerd moment over.

Anyway on top of that she lies to every member of the guild telling them some horrible lie about her past to make them feel sorry for her and yet gets mad b/c they actually care. UGH I mean I get that you don't like to be around people or you were hurt so you dont' want to let people get to know you but come on. Sneaking into your dorm room thru the fire escape so that you can avoid the crowd at the door seriously... I don't think Codex should be the one in therapy.

Any who it all ends with Tink telling everyone to put out their info and no one once to so they end it with not telling each other stuff, which if you are a fan of the show know that won't last long! All in all not one that you have to read to truly experience the guild in fact it isn't one I would recommend that you read. You don't learn anything new you just learn how mean Tink actually is.

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