Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fan Fic recs round 2

Okay apparently enough of you asked for it so @taris_eirien posted another round of Fanfic with the main character Shep AKA Shep Fanfic round ;)

Anywho since she has never led me wrong here's her list for this 2nd round. Round 1 pt. 1, 2, and 3 are posted if you want to see what she recommend the fist time.

A: Alone by SGAFan (read and highly recommend!)
B: Bait by Lorr
C: Cold Race by SGAFan (Read and also loved!)
D: Dog Days by kashkow
E: Empty Vessels by Eildon Rhymer
F: Finding Peace of Mind by Stealth Dragon
G: Gray Days by Kristen999
H: Hunting Sheppard by Stealth Dragon
I: In the Arms of Angels by cause.A.scene
J: Jealousy by JoaniexJony
K: Kallipolis by TV Manic 2
L: Liar, Liar by cause.A.scene
M: Major's Day Out by T'Pring

N: Nowhere Warm by chokolaj
O: Of Coloring Books and Lt. Colonels by Stealth Dragon (Had to read and LOVED it at the same time my heart broke while reading it!!!)
P: Pulling Rank by T'Pring
Q: The Queen by kashkow
R: Running to the End by Wedjatqi
R: Restrained by Alipeeps
S: Slipping Away by shepsgirl72
T: Things that Go Whump in the Night by T'Pring
U: The Unkindest Cut by everybetty
V: Volatile Reactions by Kristen999
W: What Dreams May Come by Stealth Dragon
X: The Experiment by  Titan5
Y: You Know what they say about Paybacks by Kodiak Bear Country
Z: Zorro's Legacy by ShepsReyna

Well there's your second list of fanfic... I have read Alone and will due another batch of mini-reviews as I read more!

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