Monday, January 31, 2011


Headdesk ~ When your head connects with your desk.

Yeah this pretty much sums it up except he has a better view and a neater desk then me...

This picture is a little more on it...

So besides the LOVELY bill I rec'd on Friday I also signed up for classes LORD HELP ME b/c here's my schedule for the Master's program in Counseling...

Tuesdays: 10:00a to 11:00a ~ Chapel (required)
                 11:10a to 12:25 ~ New Testament Survey II Romans to Revelation (now keep in mind I haven't had New Testament Survey I yet so this could get fun...)
                 1:30p to 4:20p Basic Evangelism (it has 5 books... seriously 5 yeah and homework with papers due every week! This is a basic class for everyone... headdesk)

Wednesday: 4:30p to 5:30p ~ Discipleship Training at Church
                    7:00p to whenever ~ FUEL which is youth group at Church I'm now a helper!

Thursday: 11:10a to 12:25 ~ New Testament Survey II Romans to Revelation (yes again)
                 1:30p to 4:20p ~ Life Span Development (Master level and the sheer amount of paper/reading/interviewing people with kids in every development stage is enough to headdesk if ever)

Friday: 1:30p to 4:20p ~ Research Methods (BIG PAPER DUE IN MARCH... and only one test JOY)

Saturday: Yes you read that right I have a Saturday class every other Saturday 9:00a to 5:00p Counseling Theories...

Well that's my schedule for the up coming semester. Classes haven't even started and I already have reading that is due for Tuesday ... I can't decide if I'm still excited or if I should just go sob in the corner while rocking back now....


  1. What kind of degree in counseling are you pursuing?

    I bet FUEL is going to be fun. :)

  2. So far I am working with A21 which helps stop the selling of children around the world. I would like to specialize in working with young girls from abuse and or young teens in general.