Friday, November 19, 2010

Holy Crapper Batman

Good night has it been that long since I popped in over here?!?!?!

Well quick update. I am in the process of packing and moving from my tiny apartment to my mom's full basement. A basement that hasn't had any work done in over 10 years so lots of DIY projects like pulling up the carpet, painting, scraping the ceiling, and of course moving in MY CRAP. That being said WHEW I've also had family things, church things, getting my app done for school, and picking up MY CRAP. So yeah sorry about the lateness of the post and the lack of HUMAN CONTACT lol.

I have not even started writing I have to be out of my apt on teh 8th and I haven't even been able to find my computer let alone start writting on it. That being said once moved mom has wireless internet so post should be more frequent. Or at least I hope that it will be more frequent.

I will update as school progress goes and I will also update as the move goes. I need to post my pictures of how I am fixing up the basement. Honest I am taking pictures and Honest there is some major improvements ;)

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