Thursday, June 3, 2010


Reading dry spell but is it really?!?!

So recently I've found that all I want to read are re-reads. Why? Well b/c I already know that they are good or I wouldn't have kept them right? So what's the problem... well I have 2 bookcases full of new books, never read, never open just sitting on shelves collecting dust waiting. Waiting for me to pick them up and dive in. And while I'm sure numerous of those books are fantastic beyond anything I am currently reading and yet... I still want to read my comfort books right now.

I keep thinking that with pool season coming I will pick up more and more of the newer books but I haven't. In fact I re-read the WHOLE Harry Potter series... I thought it was to prepare me for the 7th movie. But let's be honest the books are way better and hell the movies aren't following the books anyway so that's out as an excuse. Maybe its b/c I missed the world so much and yet that can't be it b/c I don't remember the world that well.

I'm not sure what I would call this time in my life other than stressed and maybe that is why I keep going back to my re-reads. B/c I know that they will give me the comfort I am so longing for and can't seem to find. Since I can't find this at work or at home I guess my only way of comfort is through reading.

So how about it do you have any great comfort reads? Do you find that when life is full of stress you kick into re-read mode or are you one of those that just reads what's waiting for them?

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  1. I definitely have my comfort reads. Pretty much anything by Linda Howard :) Oh, and Sherrilyn Kenyon! Right now though, I'm branching out and reading new authors (to me) and loving it. I finally jumped on the JR Ward bandwagon and only wish I'd discovered her earlier.