Sunday, May 30, 2010

Project Bathroom

So for some of you this weekend was a holiday which means you had 3 days off to do a bbq with family, to have parties, to not work. I on the other hand have to work both Sunday and Monday and well with my sleep schedule being thrown off due to working Overnights I have to say its been rough on me. So I woke up early on Saturday with nothing to do at 6a and thought to myself "hell you wanted a project so why not find one." So I did and the project for the day was the bathroom. I went with a bright yellow and realized half way through that I have 9 foot ceilings and well hell I didn't have a ladder that high.

Needless to say that the problem was solved when my mother came to the rescue and brought a ladder. Bathroom is now completely finished and very BRIGHT LOL which is what I wanted. However, I still have the oldest shower curtain in the world up (baby blue) and while its nice I think I need something more. That something more might be the following curtains. But now I have to decide which is my favorite. Once this is done I need to buy 2 shelves and paint them then I'm done. So what do you think? Which is your favorite? I'm leaning to the first one but I could go either way

Shower curtain 1

Shower curtain 2

Shower curtain 3

Shower curtain 4

And shower curtain 5


  1. Well, this post is from May so I'm sure you bought a new shower curtain by now... but in case you didn't, I would have absolutely picked curtain #1. I LOVE that one.

    So which did you go with?

  2. I actually went with Curtain 1 I will have to post some pics on my update LOL.