Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you Ever...

Have you ever heard God speak to you? What you would you say it sounds like? Like a waterfall, a creek, a whisper of a gnat, or is it loud and full of volume. Sometimes I think what I hear internally is his way of talking to me. His way of telling me what I need to know at that moment.

Then sometimes I swear he is right beside me carrying on a conversation. The only problem is I'm not willing to hear it. Yeah you heard me right sometimes I just don't want to hear it and yes that's a problem. As Jonah discovered running from God is pointless if not stupid. WHERE CAN YOU GO THAT HE WON'T FIND YOU???? And yet here I am running or atleast I was until last night.

Now I won't go into what he said but I think a lot of it is important. For the first time in my life God said more to me then a few short words. Or maybe I should phrase that as the first time in my life I heard God talk to me in more than a few words.

He explained to me how destruction brings rubble and with that rubble he can rebuild. He also explained that rain and storms cause growth and healing. Something I need to be reminded of on a regular basis. It was nice to know that God truly wanted me to hear what he had to say and you know what it was nice to hear it.

I know like I know air helps me breathe and blood pumps in my veins that a change is coming for me. Before last night that would've freaked me out, it would've made me up tight. Normally I would be running around right now trying to figure out what it was, when it would happen, what was in involved and why. But this time, this time I want to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Because whatever he has installed for me will help me with that growth. And in the end of all of this here on Earth is glory. Something I will always remember.

So I'm ready and willing let the Change come and as soon as I know more you will too!

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