Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Movie of the Week

YEAH I actually went to the damn theater and saw a freaking movie!!! Score a point for me.

So this is what I saw... and I have to say it wasn't bad. It wasn't what I was expecting yet at the same time it wasn't bad. I went into it thinking it would be more like Bourne and less like well I don't know. It was a starter story so it flowed like one. Lots of action, lots of talking, lots of action, some background, lots of struggle, hero then becomes hero, lots of action. Also I know Chris Pine gets a bad image when it comes to action, but personally I think he is a great action hero. He looks like he knows what he is doing, he handles himself well in this movie and I bought his character. I enjoyed watching him go from a solider, to a desk guy, to a killer/field agent. It was believable and he made it that way. If you would like more lovely Chris go here

There were good moments and bad Keira was one of them. Her American accent was HORRIBLE seriously Hollywood why do we keep trying to make them speak without accent. LET THEM BE BRITISH it doesn't matter to us. It wouldn't have hurt the movie at all and let's be real it would've been less distracting if she had actually been able to maintain her British accent over attempting to be Texan maybe?!

Anyway keep in mind when watching it that it is a beginning film they are setting up Jack Ryan for us who don't know Harrison Ford's version can get to know who Jack Ryan is. Yes I image this will be a series and once it is for sure I think it will flow better. All in all not a bad movie I would rent it personally over going to the theater but still not a bad January movie.

Final grade: B


  1. Derek and I enjoyed the movie. He is an avid reader of the books and was okay-ish with the storyline. I do think Kiera was the worst part.

    1. Yeah it wasn't bad by any means, but boy I could do without her and hopefully when they continue the series they will replace her with someone else.