Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Movie of the Week

 Saw 2 movies this week. Both regarding blowing crap up which his always a winner winner chicken dinner kind of thing.
First movie I saw was Olympus has fallen. It had it's moments of pure ridiculous and yet this could really happen. It had a couple of oh crap moments did they really just do that?! And let's be real it also had Gerard Butler in it and come on the man is freaking HAWT. Hate that they made him have an American accent. LET THE MAN TALK he does it better natural then with a fake accent that does nothing for him. Just saying... anywho if you want to see very nice pictures of the sexy man go here if not enjoy the movie it has Harvey 2 Face and I kept waiting for him to go all 2 faced on someone and he finally did but I won't give that up for you. Also Morgan Freeman was also involved and that is one of the few older men that I still find hawt and well if he read the phone book I would sigh... so you know I enjoyed his role.

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