Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tea Tuesday #1

I have officially become a crack head for

To prove this to you here was my last shopping adventure...

So to help myself feel better about spending so much I thought I would start a Tea Tuesday meme to share with you the different teas I tried and which ones I LOVE or HATE and why... also it gives me a motivation to actually drink the damn tea that I bought!


I started off with Peach tranquility mixed with Dragonfruit Devotion (1 & 1/2 tsp each)

 this is what the Peach tranquility looks like

 And here is what the Dragonfruit Devotion looks like

 I put some water in the trusty tea kettle
 While that was boiling I used my handy dandy tea leave thingy
 And of course you can't have tea in any old mug...
 So after water boiled I put in my tea thing and let it seep for 5 freaking minutes (took forever)

 Finally I was able to put my tea steeper thingy on my mug and poof instant tea no leaves

 Aw a nice cup of hot tea
 I have to say all in all it was a good mix. I did not add any sugar so it was a little fruity (if you don't like fruity tea then I would pass on it.) That being said as my mom says "It's tea that doesn't' taste like tea. I like it" LOL well said mom well said

I would go with a sort of love maybe put in more peach and less dragonfruit, but it is one that could grow on me. The sugar at the store for sure helped it with some of the bitterness, but it is still drinkable without it making it healthier.


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